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Local Develpoment Plan

Anglesey Council have produced a report on the development of Anglesey for the period 2006-2021 and have asked people for their comments and also to put forward land for potential development. Due cosideration will be given to these aspects. A form is available here if you want to comment on the proposals,

The report is described as:

As a new style of development plan the LDP is required to focus on strategic policy, contain a preferred strategy showing key areas of change and identify the key sites that will help deliver the changes required for the future well being of Anglesey. While the LDP “must have regard to national policies, they should not repeat them, but rather explain how they apply to the local area”. Neither is the LDP a development control manual and the plan must avoid over detailed prescription of planning control policies.  

The proposals pertinent to Rhosneigr have been summarised in the document which can be downloaded here.

The response form can be obtained here.

If you reqire the full report (large file) then download from the Anglesey Council site.